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4155C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

The Agilent 4155C is a precision semiconductor parametric analyzer. The 4155C provides cost-effective, accurate laboratory bench top parameter analyzers for advanced device characterization. The low-current and low-voltage resolution and built-in quasi-static CV measurement capability of the 4155C provide a firm foundation for future expansion with other measurement instruments. The 41501B Expander extends equipment capabilities with two medium-power source /monitor units (MPSMUs) and two pulse generator units (PGU).


  • The 4155C offers four built-in medium-power source /monitor units (MPSMUs), two voltage source units (VSUs), and two voltage monitor units (VMUs).
  • Develops new process technologies and evaluates materials with measurements to 10 fA and 0.2 mV
  • Performs quasi-static capacitance measurements versus voltage measurements
  • Automatically extracts process parameters without manually manipulating screen markers
  • Measures leakage characteristics with ultra-low leakage SMUs
  • Automates device characterization with integrated pulse generators and selector switches
  • Performs on-wafer reliability tests with built-in stressing modes
  • Performs point-and-click measurements with graphical user interface
  • Provides graphical data analysis capabilities with a WindowSTM environment
  • Knob sweep function quickly verifies each probe is making proper contact
  • Stand-by mode eliminates the need for external power supplies
  • Triggering modes allow synchronized AC/DC measurements
  • IBASIC user functions allow data to be plotted and analyzed

Some of the test capabilities of semiconductor parameter analyzer include:

  • V-ramp (Voltage-ramp) and J-ramp (Current-ramp) tests for oxide reliability
  • SWEAT (Standardized Wafer-level Electromigration Accelerated Test)
  • Electromigration test (constant current time to failure)
  • Parametric Go/No-Go test
  • Hot Carrier Induced (HCI) Degradation test
  • Charge Pumping test
  • Flash EEPROM test
  • Time Dependent Dielectric Breakdown (TDDB) test


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