• Webbooks: (available to CALCE EPS Consortia Members)
  • Software:
    • calcePWA 

    • This software allows engineers to conduct virtual qualification on circuit card assemblies (CCA). The software runs on Sun Solaris systems and on PCs running Linux.
    • calceFAST 

    • This software allows engineers to select and evaluate failure mechanisms that are known to cause failure in electronic hardware. The software can be run on-line through the Members' Only area or as a desktop application.
  • Standards:
    • IEEE P1413, Standard Methodology for Reliability Prediction and Assessment for Electronic Systems and Equipment 
      • Chaired by Dr. Michael Pecht, IEEE P1413 was officially approved on December 8, 1998. The standard identifies key required elements for an understandable, credible reliability prediction and provides the users of the prediction sufficient information for the evaluation of prediction methods and for the effective use of the prediction results. 
    • IEEE P1332, Standard Reliability Program for the Development and Production of Electronic Systems and Equipment 
      • Chaired by Dr. Michael Pecht, IEEE P1332 was officially approved on June 30, 1998. The IEEE standard provides guidance to suppliers to plan a program that suits their design philosophy, the product concept, and the resources at their disposal, so that every activity adds value. The objective of the standard is to provide products that satisfy the customer.
  • CALCE Lab Services
    • In addition to core research projects, CALCE provides expert assistance and research in advanced electronic systems by conducting private consulting for members (outside their membership) and for the electronics industry at large. The research areas include: 
      • Reliability analysis, failure mode identification and failure mode characterization for electronic components and electronic packaging.
      • Evaluation and benchmarking of qualification, screening, accelerated testing, and parts management and selection processes. 
      • Risk mitigation and management techniques for electronic products and systems. 
      • Development of software tools and methodologies for life cycle analysis of electronic systems. 
      • Electronic systems design and analysis.

      Company-specific research may be proprietary in nature, and project scopes can range from a few weeks to several years. Costs for failure analysis, reliability assessment, material characterization, and simulation services can be obtained from Bhanu Sood at (301) 405-3498, or For a summary of analysis and test capabilities available at CALCE, visit