Failure Analysis

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Electrical Testing is the measurement of all relevant electrical parameters and is a critical part of systematic failure analysis. Correct electrical testing not only provides the failure mode (catastrophic, functional, parametric, programming or timing), but it can also help identify the failure site.

Electrical Testing consists of detecting shorts, opens, parametric shifts, changes in resistance, or other abnormal electrical behavior on the die, between the die and the interconnects, between the interconnects and the circuit card, within the circuit card, and among the various connections between circuit cards. The extensive range of electrical testing equipment available to CALCE personnel allows the CALCE to be a world-leader in the failure analysis of electronic products.


 Electrical Testing IC Functional and Parametric Testing

Impedance / Material Analyzer

Continuity Measurements

Surface Resistance Measurements

Contact Resistance Measurements

Resistance Monitoring during Accelerated Testing

Capacitance Measurements


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