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E4991A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer (1 MHz - 3 GHz)

The Agilent E4991A RF impedance/material analyzer offers ultimate impedance measurement performance and powerful built in analysis function. The Agilent E4991A uses an RF-IV technique, as opposed to the reflection measurement technique, for more accurate impedance measurement over wide impedance range. Basic impedance accuracy is +/-0.8%. High Q accuracy enables low-loss component analysis. The internal synthesizer sweeps frequency from 1 MHz to 3 GHz with 1 mHz resolution.

Material Evaluation
The Agilent E4991A provides the total dielectric/magnetic material measurement solutions in wide frequency range (1 MHz to 1 GHz).

On-Wafer Measurement
The E4991A-010, Probe Station Connection Kit, enables us to connect the Agilent E4991A to a RF probe system for making on-wafer impedance measurements.

Temperature Characteristic Evaluation
The temperature characteristic test kit, the E4991A-007, is a new solution of temperature characteristic measurement for components and materials. This option provides highly accurate temperature characteristic analysis capability within the wide temperature range from - 55¡ãC to + 150¡ãC with a powerful temperature drift compensation function.


  • Basic accuracy +/-0.8%
  • 3GHz impedance direct read-out
  • Windows-styled user interface
  • Sweep parameters (frequency, ac level, dc bias)
  • Built-in VBA programming function
  • Various test fixture for components
  • Data transfer through the LAN interface
  • Direct read-out permittivity, permeability
  • Reliable on-wafer measurement
  • Temperature characteristic measurement


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