Environmental Conditioning/Accelerated Testing

Accelerated testing has been recognized as a necessary activity to ensure the reliability of electronic products used in military, aerospace, automotive, industrial, and mobile (cellular phones, laptop computers) applications. Successful implementation of accelerated testing strategies requires that: (i) failure during accelerated testing must be due to wear-out mechanisms, (ii) results from accelerated testing must be extrapolated to field life conditions using acceleration transforms as reliability predictors to enable proactive product design.

By combining accelerated testing with CALCE's physics-of-failure (PoF) guidelines, end-users and manufacturers can successfully:

(i) ruggedize the design and manufacturing process of the product (reliability enhancement testing)

(ii) conduct highly compressed/accelerated life tests in the laboratory to verify in-service reliability (accelerated life tests)

(iii) eliminate weak or defective populations from the main population (screening or infant mortality reduction testing).

Benchmarking of parts, boards, and assemblies using industry and military specified accelerated testing methods is also available.