CALCE Return on Investment (ROI)

Every organization has their own accepted methods of determining their return on investment from research and development activities.  Methods include:

  1. Determining the value to the company in extra profit or revenue, or in revenue that would have been lost without the investment.

  2. Determining the in-house costs of reproducing the equivalent value, or by determining the equivalent cost of reproducing the value if all the discrete portions of the return had been purchased independently.

While the first method is preferable, it represents a difficult, and often impossible, analysis to perform.  To aid CALCE members in a simple assessment of their CALCE membership ROI based on the equivalent cost of reproducing the value delivered by CALCE, we provide the following calculator:

Membership Type:
Number of Web Accounts:
Number of High Interest Projects:
Number of Web Seminars Attended:
Number of Articles Downloaded/Reviewed :
Number of Consortium Meetings Attended:
Lab Service Expenses: Dollars
Hours of Consulting with CALCE personnel:
Number of calceSARA Software installations:
Return on Investment:

Calculator Usage Notes:

  1. Make sure that all data entered into the calculator represents the same time period, i.e., the calculator was targeted for the assessment of a single year of membership.

  2. Values do not have to be entered as whole numbers (integers).  Feel free to put in fractional quantities, i.e., we actively participated in 2.5 projects in 2001.

  3. You can customize the effective value of each of the elements by pressing the "Data" button and customizing the default inputs.