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54853A Infiniium Oscilloscope

The Agilent 54853A Infiniium oscilloscope and InfiniiMax 1131A probing system (1131A probe amp plus the E2668A single-ended connectivity kit and/or E2669A differential connectivity kit) provide full real-time bandwidth of 2.5 GHz and is supported on every channel by the 20 GSa/s sample rate. This industry-leading sample rate produces more accurate and repeatable measurements, avoiding measurement error and signal alliasing due to under sampling of the waveform. The innovative InfiniiMax probing system supports even the most demanding mechanical access requirements without sacrificing performance.


  • 2.5 GHz bandwidth real-time oscilloscope with 20 GSa/s sample rate available on all 4 channels simultaneously
  • Up to 1 Mpts MegaZoom deep memory at 20 GSa/s and 32 Mpts MegaZoom deep memory at 2 GSa/s and slower sample rates
  • Each InfiniiMax probe amplifier supports both differential & single-ended measurements for a more cost effective solution
  • Unrivaled InfiniiMax probing accessories support browsing, solder-in and socket use models at the maximum performance available


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