Liquid-to-Liquid Thermal Shock Chamber

Thermal shock is used to test the reliability of a package when it undergoes a rapid change in a field or handling environment. The procedure is to cyclically immerse the package in fluids which are maintained at specific temperatures. Suitable fluid materials are those that are chemically inert, stable at high temperatures, nontoxic, noncombustible, low viscosity, and compatible with package materials. Testing is conducted for a given number of cycles, usually ending in the highest stress cold bath. After thermal shocking, the devices are allowed to return to room temperature, then electrical tests and visual inspections are performed. For hermetic packages (ceramic and metal cases) the device is subjected to hermeticity tests. Observed failure modes and defects include die fracture/cracking, plastic package fracture/cracks, and poor seals in hermetic packages.



Temperature Range (oC)


Basket Dimensions



-65 to 150