Mixed Flowing Gas Chamber

The Mixed Flowing Gas (MFG) Chamber exposes connectors, contact surfaces, and other electronic equipment to a mixture of pollutant gases in a controlled temperature and humidity environment. It's purpose is to accelerate failure mechanisms seen during a product's long-term use in an office, light industrial, moderate industrial, or heavy industrial setting. For more information on CALCE's MFG Chamber and its capabilities, please follow this link for a detailed introduction.

CALCE MFG Chamber Capability
The CALCE center provides quality services to electronic applications that require qualification test by MFG chamber located in CALCE research center at the University of Maryland. It is capable of 3 or 4 corrosive-gas-testing. Figure 1 shows the photo of this Mixed Flowing Gas testing system. Table 1 lists the capability of the MFG chamber.

Figure 1: MFG Chamber Located in CALCE Center at the University of Maryland


Table 1: CALCE MFG Chamber Capability

Range (ºC)
RH (%) Corrosive Gas Concentrations (ppb) Interior
NOx SO2 H2S Cl2
25~50 20~95 10~1000 10~1000 10~1000 10~1000 29X30X38