Root-Cause Failure Analysis of

Electronic Products

Course Overview
Course Outline
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Course Overview

This course will present a methodology for identifying potential failure mechanisms based on the failure history. Appropriate failure analysis techniques for various failure mechanisms will be discussed, with step-by-step details provided. Example pictures and case studies will be presented. The course will conclude with corrective and preventative actions, the most crucial part of a failure analysis report.


Course Outline

    1. Failure Mode Identification

    2. Failure Mechanism Identification

    • Component Packaging
    • Boards and Substrates
    • Interconnects (Solder Joints)
    • Contacts and Connectors

    3. Failure Analysis Techniques

    • Non-destructive Analysis (NDA)
    • Destructive Analysis
    • Materials Characterization
    • Accelerated Testing

    4. Corrective and Preventative Actions


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