Physics of Failure and Reliability

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Course Overview

This course introduces the classical reliability concepts and relates the concepts to the physics of failure approach. The information provided in this course will be useful for implementing a physics-of-failure methodology for the life cycle of a product. The participants will learn how to develop and migrate to physics-of-failure based reliability assessment programs. The course will also teach how to facilitate the introduction of the physics-of-failure methodology among the complete supply chain of the product.


Course Outline

    1. Reliability Concepts including Class Exercise

      • Fundamental reliability concepts
      • Failure probability density function
      • Hazard rate
      • Conditional reliability
      • Mean and median time to failure
      • Failure definitions
      • Classification of failures and failure causes

    2. Statistical Distributions in Reliability Assessment

      • Probability Distributions
        • Weibull
        • Exponential
        • Normal and Lognormal
        • Discrete distributions
      • Failure free operating period

    3. System Reliability Analysis

      • Reliability block diagrams
      • Series and parallel systems
      • Complex systems
      • Redundant systems and limitations

    4. Physics of Failure

    5. Design for Reliability based on Physics of Failure

    6. Defining product requirements

      • Product life cycle conditions
      • Supply-chain with proper reliability capability maturity
      • Part and material selection
      • Failure modes mechanisms and effects analysis (FMMEA)
      • Designing to the usage and process capability of the product

    7. IEEE reliability prediction standard 1413

      • Mil-Hdbk 217, PRISM, Telcordia and other methods
      • Test based methods
      • Field data based methods
      • Physics of failure methods


Past Customers

  • ACEL - China
  • ASME - U.S.A
  • Aremsys Sansung - Maryland
  • Army Research Lab - New Jersey
  • Avansys - China
  • Battelle Labs - Ohio
  • City University of Hong Kong - China


  • FDA - Washington, DC
  • Emerson - Ohio
  • Hobbs Engineering - Colorado
  • Honeywell - India
  • Huawei - China
  • ICRESH Conference - India
  • IME/University of Singapore - Singapore


  • Indian Space Research Organization - India
  • Medtronic - Arizona
  • Microsoft - Washington
  • Nortel - Harlow, United Kingdom
  • Ortho Clinic Diagnostics
  • Rusneft - Moscow
  • Teradyne - California


*This course has also been presented as a public offering in College Park, MD and Beijing, China.*


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