Lead-Free Readiness

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Course Overview

This short course is intended to provide the audience with the current status of lead-free reliability and consideration of issues arising from the transition to lead-free assembled electronic hardware. The course provides up to date information on what companies should understand about lead-free materials, the reliability of lead-free assemblies, the risk posed by tin whiskers, as well as mixed solder reliability and rework and repair lead-based and lead-free assemblies.


Course Outline

    1. Introduction

    2. Lead-free Materials and Assemblies

      • Lead-free Solders

    3. Lead-free Assembly Reliability

      • PWB Reliability
      • Part Reliability
      • Solder Interconnect Reliability

    4. Mixed Solder and Rework and related issues

    5. Tin Whiskers and Failure Risk

    6. Summary


Past Customers

  • Arbitron, Columbia, MD
  • CEPREI - China
  • Emerson Divisions - Missouri and China
  • Emerson Electronics - Missouri
  • Halliburton - Texas
  • L3 Electronic Systems - Canada
  • Lockheed Martin - California, Georgia, Texas
  • Schlumberger - Texas


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