High Temperature Electronics

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Course Overview

This course details the performance and reliability issues involved in designing electronic systems for use at temperatures above 125°C.  It will provide the attendee with the tools and information needed to design electronic systems that will perform reliably in extreme temperature environments, such as are found in defense, avionic and automobiles applications.


Course Outline

  1. Extreme temperature electronics: technology for the 21stCentury
  2. Active component selection for extreme temperature environments
  3. Passive component selection for extreme temperature environments
  4. Module level packaging of extreme temperature environments
  5. Board assembly and process compatibility issues
  6. Power electronics in extreme temperature environments
  7. MEMs + Sensors for extreme temperature environments
  8. Thermal management for extreme temperature power electronics
  9. Applications of high temperature electronics
  10. Silicon carbide devices and packaging above 250°C
  11. Design for reliability tools for extreme temperature electronics



Past Customers

  • 4th Int'l High Temp. Conference - New Mexico
  • 5th Int'l High Temp. Conference - New Mexico
  • IMAPS Nordic - Norway
  • Lear Astronics- California
  • Tubitak Ujay - Turkey


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