Electronic Packaging: Materials and Their Properties
by M. G. Pecht, R. Agarwal, P. McCluskey, T. Dishongh, S. Javadpour, and R. Mahajan
CRC Press LLC, Washington, DC, 1999

The effectiveness with which an electronic system performs its electrical functions, as well as the reliability and cost of the system, are strongly determined not only by the electrical design, but also by the packaging materials. Electronic packaging refers to the enclosure for integrated circuit (IC) chips, passive devices, the fabrication of circuit cards and the production of a final product or system. Packaging is important for signal and power transmission, heat dissipation, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding and protection from environmental factors such as moisture, contamination, hostile chemicals and radiation.


1. Properties of electronic packaging materials
2. Zeroth-level packaging materials
3. First-level packaging materials
4. Second-level packaging materials
5. Third-level packaging materials
6. Summary Appendix A
Appendix B

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