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Guidebook for Managing Silicon Chip Reliability
by M. G. Pecht (CALCE EPSC), R. Radojcic (Cadence), and G. Rao (Intel)
CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 1999

Guidebook for Managing Silicon Chip Reliability discusses the principal reliability issues associated with the design, manufacture and use of modern integrated circuits. The text presents a set of best industry practices, based on the physics-of-failures, reliability statistics, and an understanding of interactions between the design and process attributes -- to manage reliability throughout the IC product lifecycle.


1. How Devices Fail
2. Intrinsic Device Sensitivities
3. Electromigration
4. Hot Carrier Aging
5. Time-Dependent Dielectric Breakdown
6. Mechanical Stress-Induced Migration
7. Alpha Particle Sensitivity
8. Electrostatic Discharge and Electrical Overstress
9. Latchup
10. Design For Reliability
11. Process Development
12. Manufacturing
13. Qualification
14. Screening
15. Summary and References

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