CALCE Education Philosophy

Engineers that develop or use electronic systems technologies must be able to synthesize interdisciplinary knowledge from many diverse sources: electrical, mechanical, thermal, materials, manufacturing, and business. In addition, they must be able to effectively communicate (verbally and in writing), as well as be adept at working on teams.

Rapid advances in electronic products and systems require special efforts to educate the technical workforce. These special efforts include the use of systematic just-in-time transfer of state-of-the-art knowledge derived from the latest research results.

The CALCE educational strategy is to pioneer a multi-faceted approach for the transfer of ideas and knowledge to all levels of students, through test-bed-development learning projects, a series of broadcast-quality videos, multi-media materials, text books, and courses. In addition, unique exchange programs between industry and the university are in place to promote collaborative research, education, and technology transfer. This strategy has already leveraged over $7M spent in the last five years on instituting innovative changes in the University of Maryland's engineering undergraduate and graduate programs.

Current Graduate Students

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A Typical MS Program Schedule in

Electronic Products and Systems

Course Work
(Each course carries 3 credits)
(Total 6 credits)
Thesis Writing
Semester 1
1.Mechanical Fundamentals of Electronic Systems ENME 690
2.Advanced Convection Heat Transfer ENME 632
3.Linear Vibrations ENME 662
Semester 2
1.Mathematic Techniques in Reliability Engineering
2.Applied Finite Elements ENME 710
3.Failure mechanics and Reliability ENME 695
Semester 3
Semester 4
1.High Power and High Temperature Electronics ENME 780.
2.Thermal Issues in Electronic Products Lifecycle Manufacturing ENME 765

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