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On-Site Short Course Planning

Review the general course outlines and background information given below, then select the course or courses that you would like to be offered at your company. Tell us the date(s), locations and any additional information about your needs. We need a lead time of at least three weeks for planning. We will contact you to discuss further.



Comments (Include course goals, attendee background, and technical contact person [if applicable]):



Number of Participants:

Proposed Site(s):

Proposed Date(s):

Course Titles Selection:

  1. Lead-Free Readiness
  2. Physics of Failure and Reliability
  3. Accelerated Product Qualification
  4. Virtual Qualification and Reliability Assessment
  5. Prognostics and Health management
  6. Failure (Root-Cause) Analysis of Electronic Products
  7. Electronic Parts Selection and Management
  8. High Temperature Electronics
  9. Electronic Part Obsolescence Forecasting, Mitigation and Management
  10. Electronic Product and System Cost Analysis
  11. Plastic Materials for Microelectronics
  12. Uprating - Use Of Electronic Parts Outside the Manufacturer-specified Temperature Range
  13. Optical Methods as a Tool for Microelectronics Product Development
  14. Counterfeit Electronics

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