Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials

Technical Symposium & Expo: June 23-24, 2015
Workshops: June 25, 2015
College Park, MD

Program Chair: Dr. Diganta Das, CALCE (

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Tuesday, June 23
Session 1 - Opening Sessions
Symposium on Counterfeit Parts and Materials

Diganta Das, CALCE - University of Maryland
Keynote: Functional Clones, The Most Dangerous NEW Counterfeit Threat Facing D&A Industry Manufacturing Today

Tom Sharpe, SMT Corporation
Role of National IPR Center in Combating Counterfeit

Amy Turner, Diana Clemmons, ICE | Homeland Security Investigations | IPRC
Counterfeit: An Aircraft Manufacturer Perspective

Andre Oliveira, EMBRAER S.A.
Recent Trends in Counterfeiting of Electronic Parts (Analysis of ERAI Data)

Fred Schipp, US Navy
Session 2 - Standards and Materials
AS6081 Its Creation, Evolution, and Current Utilization by a Certified Distributor

Robb Hammond, AERI
AS6496 Counterfeit Mitigation for Authorized Distribution

Kevin Sink, TTI Inc.
SigNature´┐Ż DNA Marking & Authentication for Traceability Applicable to a Diverse Range of Commodity Products

Janice Meraglia, Applied DNA Sciences
Session 3 - Standards and Materials (continued)
An Introduction to IDEA-QMS-9090

Lia Powell, IDEA
Successful Joint Force Collaborative Effort to Correct Unacceptably Deficient Material Received for Installation Onboard Naval Assets

Karen Bruer, Amee Bay, LLC
SAE G-21R AS6886 "Avoidance Of Counterfeit Refrigerant"

Paula George, DLA
Session 4 - New Technologies
Algorithms: The Next Frontier for X-Ray Inspection

Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron
Quantitative Surface Authentication System For Counterfeit Mitigation Of Parts

Harshad Sardesai, Chromologic, LLC
Anti-Counterfeiting for 3D Printing

Sharon Flank, InfraTrac
Wednesday, June 24
Session 5 - Testing
Homeland Security Investigation in Counterfeit Prevention

Special Agents Tonya Matney and Clay Townshend, DHS
Most Open-Market Supplied Parts Come With Grossly-Insufficient Electrical Testing

Tom Sharpe, SMT Corporation
Chip Recovery "ChiPR" Product: Breathing New Life Into Obsolescence

Marty Lanning, XTREME Semiconductor
Cost Effective Electrical Testing for Risk Mitigation of Sophisticated Counterfeit ICs

Sultan Liliani, Integra Technologies
Session 6 - Technology Solutions
A holistic and pragmatic approach to integrated asset, parts marking and tracking

Jason Rushton, SICPA Product Security

Supply Chain Assurance Using ADEC Technology

Andrew Portune, Nokomis

Logical Vanishability for Counterfeit Prevention

Hassan Salmani, Howard University

Session 7 - Detection Programs
AS6171 and Test Methods Standards

Mike Azarian, CALCE - UMD
Analysis of Information Sharing

Mark Snider, ERAI
Developing and Implementing a Counterfeit Mitigation Control Plan

Anne Poncheri, AP Quality Consulting LLC
SAE AS6174A Counterfeit Materiel; "Assuring Acquisition of Authentic and Conforming Materiel"

Bob Tipton, SAE G-21 chair
Session 8 - Closing Session
Part Defects Related to Counterfeit - A Historical Review

Diganta Das, CALCE - UMD, Stephen Vaughn, CSC/GIDEP Support
Evaluation Of Product Authentication Technologies: A Detailed Evaluation Of The Current And Emerging Technologies

Yaw Obeng, NIST
Ceramic Taggants For Authentication or Provenance Marking

Brent McClaw, DataDot
Closing Remarks: Counterfeit Parts and Materials Symposium

Diganta Das, CALCE - UMD

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