CALCE Awarded 2013 IEEE Education Activities Board/Standards Association Standards Education Award


The IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) and Standards Association Board of Governors (SA) voted to recognize the Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE) for exceptional achievements in standards education activities by awarding CALCE the 2013 IEEE EAB/SA Standards Education Award. The award is presented “for continued leadership in developing and promoting standards education in the field of reliability engineering.”

The award was established to recognize those who have actively promoted the integration of standard into academic and corporate development programs, provided support for education about standards, promoted the importance of standards, made significant contributions of standards education materials, and provided content to support education about the standards setting process.

CALCE has worked with many companies to participate in symposia, workshops, training, and joint work on standards. For example, In March, 2013, CALCE researchers presented the concept of reliability capability based on the IEEE standard 1624 to an audience of hundreds of Korean industry members. In another tutorial in Korea, CALCE described the applications of physics-of-failure on the reliability of electronics used IEEE standards 1413 and 1413.1.

In addition to IEEE standards, CALCE supports standards from IPC, GEIA, IEC, SAE, and other standards bodies. They not only promote the use of good standards, but also identify ways to improve standards, such as in their recent paper on the limitations of the IPC fan reliability standard and how to improve it.

CALCE also offers graduate and professional development courses that include training on the use of standards in areas such as part selection and management, accelerated testing, qualification testing, physics-of-failure, and prognostics.

CALCE will receive the award at the 2013 IEEE EAB/SA Awards Presentation Ceremony in Somerset, NJ, on December 8, 2013.