Dr. Das accepts the IEEE Educational Activities Board and the Standards Association award


Dr. Diganta Das accepted the IEEE Educational Activities Board and the Standards Association award for education activities at the annual IEEE Standards Association Awards dinner at Somerset Township at New Jersey on December 8, 2013. The awarded was given to CALCE for its continued leadership in developing and promoting standards education in the field of reliability engineering.

During his acceptance of the award, Dr. Das acknowledged the students, visitors, staff, and faculty, all of whom play crucial roles in standards development and promotion of their use. Prof. Michael Pecht, the center founder and director, Dr. Michael Osterman, EPS Consortium Director, Dr. Michael Azarian and Mr. Bhanu Sood continue contributions to standards development efforts, not only for IEEE, but many other national and international professional organizations in standards development. He stated that CALCE has integrated standards education in all curriculums. All CALCE students doing thesis and dissertations, identify the standards that they have used and the standards they believe should updated, modified or clarified in light of what they learned during their research. CALCE is finding that exercise to open our eyes toward not just how to use the standards but also how to critic them.

To learn more about the work of CALCE in standards development and how that work can help your organization, contact Dr. Diganta Das (diganta@umd.edu).