Workshop on Testing Lead-free Electronic Assemblies (2009)

April 14, 2009

Kimm Engineering Building
University of Maryland
College Park, 20742

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April 14, 2009 (Tuesday)

Session I
Welcome / Introduction
Michael Osterman, CALCE
The Need for a Standard Approach for Testing of Lead-free Assemblies
Anthony J. Rafanelli, Raytheon
Physics-of-Failure (PoF) Based Accelerated Stress Testing
Abhijit Dasgupta, CALCE
Post Assembly Testing of Lead Free Assemblies
Robert Farrell, Benchmark
Sesion II
Reliable Solder Identification by X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Gary Efronson, Fischer Technology
Lead-free Reflow Effects on PCB Material Properties
Bhanu Sood, CALCE
Ball Shear Test and Cold Bump Test of Ball Grid Array Package
Lei Nie, CALCE
SIR and Electrochemical Testing
Michael Azarian, CALCE
Session III
Isothermal Aging Impact on Solder Interconnect Durability
Preeti Chauhan , CALCE
Temperature Cycle Testing and Acceleration Factors for Lead-free Assemblies
Michael Osterman, CALCE
High-Cycle Fatigue Testing of Lead-free vs. Sn-Pb Solder Joints
Nathan Barry, Aero Engine Controls
Vibration Testing of Lead-free Assemblies
M. Al-Bassyiouni, CALCE
Session IV
Torsion Testing of Electronic Assemblies
Vikram Srinivas, CALCE
Drop Testing for Lead-free Assemblies
Abhijit Dasgupta, CALCE
CALCE Tin Whisker Growth Tests
Lyudmyla Panashchenko , CALCE

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