Counterfeit Electronic Parts & Electronic Supply Chain Symposium
June 25 – 27, 2013

Marriott Inn & Conference Center,
University of Maryland, College Park
College Park, MD

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Day 1 - June 25, 2013
Opening Remarks

Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE - University of Maryland
Keynote Address: How to Buy Counterfeit Parts
(Not available for web distribution)

Michael G. Pecht, Ph.D., CALCE - University of Maryland
Session 1 - Supply Chain Management
A Workable Counterfeit Risk Mitigation Model

Kevin Sink, TTI, Inc.
Counterfeit Risk Algorithm & Data Provides a Proactive Approach to Mitigating Risk

Bobby Holbrook, Silicon Expert
Session 2 - Risks to the Supply Chain and Detection
DoD’s New Supply Chain Measures: The Counterfeit Prevention Policy (DoDI 4140.67) Proposed DFAR

Related documents:
- DOD Counterfeit Parts Rule — So Little After So Long
- New DOD Counterfeit Prevention Policy: Resolves Responsibilities Within DOD But Leaves Many Contractor Questions Unresolved
- DoD Counterfeit Prevention Policy
- Federal Register 2013

Robert Metzger, Rogers Joseph O'Donnell PC
Proactive Supply Chain Collaboration and Qualification

Robert Chesla, Rockwell Automation and Art Figueroa, Smith & Associates
An All-In-One Anti-Counterfeiting Technology
(Not available for web distribution)

Mohammad Tehranipoor, University of Connecticut
Advanced Detection of Electronic Counterfeits (ADEC)

Walter Keller, Nokomis Inc.
Session 3 - Authentication Technologies I
Silicon Biometrics for Component Authentication

James Lewis, Lewis Innovative Technologies, Inc.
Authentication and Full Traceability of Integrated Circuits

Philippe Mathevon, Advanced Track and Trace
Ceramic Taggants for Authentication or Provenance Marking of Electronic Components

Brent McLaws, Datadot Technology USA
Session 4 - Authentication Technologies II
A Scaled, Integrative Implementation for DNA Marking of Integrated Circuits

James Hayward, Ph.D., Applied DNA Sciences
Protecting DLA's Supply Chain from Counterfeit Electronics

Chris Metz, Defense Logistics Agency
Implementing Anti-Counterfeiting on Electronic Parts: A Case Study

Sharon Flank, InfraTrac and Jim Magos, Cardinal Components
Day 2 - June 26, 2013
Session 5 - Industrial Standards and Legacy Parts Management
iNEMI Risk Calculators

(For a copy of the latest Calculator contact

David Brown, Intel
Legacy Management: Reducing the Risks and Costs of COTS End-to-End Total Lifecycle Sustainment

Ethan Plotkin, GDCA
Current Status of Various Industry Standards and the Challenges Ahead

Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies
Session 6 - Detection Technologies I
The Challenge of Detecting Peppered Counterfeits

Leonard Nelson, ChromoLogic LLC
Radiography Tools for Risk Detection

Bill Cardoso, Ph.D., Creative Electron
JetEtch CuProtect and Copper IC Inspection

Erik Jordan, Nisene Technology
Session 7 - Detection Technologies II
Detecting Counterfeit Risks by Material Change Tracking

Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE, University of Maryland
Firmware Assurance: Leverage New Global Standard

Dan Reddy, EMC
One Attribute That Can't Be Counterfeited

Related documents:
- National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2014
- DoD Instruction Policy on Counterfeit Prevention
- Draft Legislation on Counterfeit cost responsibility

Tom Peters, Qualmark
Session 8 - Panel Discussion

SAE 6171 Laboratory Test Methods

AS6171 – Method I - Techniques for Suspect/Fraudulent /Counterfeit EEE Part Detection by External Visual Inspection, Remarking and Resurfacing, Lead Finish, and Surface Analysis Test Methods

Radiological Inspection (METHOD IV)

Decapsulation/Delid & Internal Visual Inspection

AS6171 Test Method II - X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Test Methods

Electrical Sub-Group

SAE AS6171 G-19A-MISC - Miscellaneous Techniques Task Group

Bill Cardoso, Ph.D., Creative Electron

Dave Loaney, Premier

Bhanu Sood , CALCE

Erik Jordan, Nisene

Diganta Das , CALCE

Sultan Lilani, Integra

John Radman, Trace Labs

Are We at the End of the Counterfeit Electronics Concerns?
Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE

Day 3 - June 27, 2013
Workshop: Counterfeit Part Avoidance and Detection
Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE
Bhanu Sood , CALCE

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