Symposium on Reprocessing Tin Whisker Mitigation, and Assembly Rework (2008)

November 11-12, 2008

The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
University of Maryland
College Park, 20742

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November 11, 2008 (Tuesday)

Session I
Welcome / Introduction
Michael Osterman, CALCE
GEIA Standardization Activities Related to Lead-free Materials
Anduin Touw, Boeing
CALCE Study on BGA Reballing
Lei Nie, CALCE
Value-add Solutions for the BGA Supply Chain
J. Carrigan and N. Leonardi , Premier
Sesion II
BGA Reballing Reliability
Ray Cirimele, BEST
Interfacial Reactions between Sn63-Pb37 Solder and ENIG and Electrolytic Nickel Under-Ball-Metallization
Minerva Cruz and Russell. Winslow, Six Sigma
OEM Perspective on BGA Reballing
Michael Davisson, Agilent
Session III
Manual Pretinning of COTS components
James Lake, Lockheed Martin
CALCE Study on Reliability of Assembled Solder Dipped Parts
Diganta Das, CALCE
Effectiveness of Solder Dip as a Whisker Mitigation Strategy
Sony Mathew, CALCE
Session IV
Overview of GEIA Handbook on Repair and Rework of Lead Free Electronics
Tim Kalt, WPAFB
Issues Related to Mixed Solder Assemblies and Assembly Rework
Polina Snugovsky, Celestica
Assembly Rework and Lead-free Impact
Bob Farrell, Benchmark
CALCE Study on Lead-free and Mixed Solder Rework
Michael Osterman, CALCE

November 12, 2008 (Wednesday)

Session I
Tin Whisker Failure Risk
Jay Brusse, Perot Systems/NASA Goddard
Tin Whisker Risk Assessment   (Paper)
David Pinskey, Raytheon
Safety/Reliability Risk Management Process to Mitigate the Effects of Tin Whiskers
David Humphrey, Honeywell
Tin Whisker Review of BOM
David Cavanaugh, Benchmark
Sesion II
Evaluation of Conformal Coatings as a Tin Whisker Mitigation Strategy, Part III
Tom Woodrow, Boeing
Tin Whisker Containment with Flexible Ceramic Conformal Coatings
Ofer Sneh, Sundew Technologies
Update on POSS-thiol Based Mitigation of Sn-Whiskers
Raymond Thompson, Vista Engineering
Session III
CALCE Tin Whisker Growth Tests   (Whisker Growth Video)
Lyudmyla Panashchenko , CALCE
The Use of Tin/Bismuth Plating for Tin Whisker Mitigation on Fabricated Mechanical Parts
David Hillman, Rockwell Collins
Whisker/Hillock Formation on Indentation Stressed Sn Film
Kil-won Moon, NIST
Session IV
Tin Whisker and Surface Defect Formation on Electroplated Films and Reflowed Joints
Carol Handwerker, Aaron Pedigo, and John Blendell, Purdue University
Shorting Propensity of Tin Whiskers
Sungwon Han, CALCE

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