Symposium on Avoiding, Detecting, and Preventing Counterfeit Electronic Parts (2007)

November 7-8, 2007

The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742

On November 7-8, 2007, CALCE hosted the Symposium on Avoiding, Detecting, and Preventing Counterfeit Electronic Parts. This two-day symposium welcomed over 80 attendees and offered the latest in research developments and strategies for addressing concerns with counterfeit electronic parts.

The presentation material is being made available in electronic form without objection from the presenters. Please note, some presentations have been withheld at the request of the presenter. If you attended the symposium, you may request a web account to access the presentation material from the symposium, without charge. If you are a current member of the CALCE Electronic Product and Systems Consortium, your existing CALCE Web Account will allow you to access the presentation material. If you are not a member of the CALCE EPSC and you did not attend the symposium, you may obtain a monthly subscription to the CALCE Articles which will allow you to access this posting.


Welcome Address Michael Pecht, CALCE

Introduction to Symposium Diganta Das, CALCE

The Impact of Uncertified Parts in Military Applications Jack Stradley, Rochester Electronics

Counterfeit Electronic Components: Observations from Recent Experiences and Approaches to Risk Reduction Bruce Tourtellot, BAE Systems

Impact of Counterfeit Parts on Military Systems Joel Patton, Capitol Counsel LLC

Nature and Extent of the Counterfeit Part Problem-How Do You Measure? Mark Crawford, U.S. Department of Commerce

Interception and Prevention of Counterfeit Electronic Parts-Within and Outside Borders David Brener, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Intellectual Property-the Primary Legal Principle Behind Counterfeit Definitions Patricia Campbell, University of Maryland School of Law

Protection of Intellectual Property-Role of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Craig S. Thurber, U.S. Immigration and Customs

SEMI Standard on Authentication Services David Brown, Intel

Quality Brand Protection Committee (QBPC)-A Multinational Effort to Promote Intellectual Property Protection in China Ron Davis, Qualcomm

Code Based Authentication Service Gene Panger, TUV Rheinland Group

Code Based Authentication Service Kevin Erdman, Verify Brand

Counterfeit Part Risk Mitigation Diganta Das, CALCE

Physical Authentication and Tracking Tools-Microwire James O’Kefee, Demodulation

Forensic Authentication Using Trak-N-Kode CRiS, Chipless Remote Identification System Morton Greene INKODE International

Covert Marker Technology Peter D. Gabriele, ARmark Authentication Technologies, LLC

Review of Anti-counterfeiting Strategies Walter Tomczykowski, ARINC

Tools and Techniques of Inspection to Detect Counterfeit Parts Hal Rotchadl, Premier Semiconductor Services

Quality and Reliability Issues with Counterfeit Parts Andrew Olney, Analog Devices

Part Manufacturers Perspective on Counterfeit Parts Elaine Lee, Altera

Demonstration of an Authentication Technique in International Supply Chain John Holz, Prime NanoTech

E-Waste, Counterfeits & Loss Prevention Daniel DiMase, ERAI

Counterfeit Capacitors: Examples, Lessons Learned, and Countermeasures Dennis Zogbi, Paumanok Publications

Identification of Counterfeit Capacitors Michael Azarian, CALCE

Life Cycle Management for Counterfeit Prevention Peter Sandborn, CALCE

Future Steps and Closing Remarks Diganta Das, CALCE