Counterfeit Electronic Parts & Electronic Supply Chain Symposium

June 24-25, 2014

Technical Program

Program Chair: Dr. Diganta Das, CALCE (

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Tuesday, June 24
Session 1 - The Past and the Future
Opening Remarks

Diganta Das, Ph.D., CALCE - University of Maryland
NASA and US Government Initiatives to Mitigate the Counterfeiting Threat

Brian Hughitt, NASA, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance
Direction of Counterfeiting in with Historical Perspective

Kirsten Koepsel, Consultant
Clones - The Final Frontier of the Component Counterfeiter..?

Thomas Sharpe, SMT Corporation
Session 2 - Supply Chain Protection
Market Dynamics and Technical Limits of Cloning, Obsolescence, and Counterfeit

Dan Deisz, Jr., Rochester Electronics
SAE Counterfeit Mitigation standards for the electronics industry

Anne Poncheri
Session 3 - Beyond Electronics and Counterfeiting
Counterfeit Materials and Products in the Construction Supply Chain

Edward Minchin, University of Florida
The Dodd-Frank Act and its implications for the Electronics Supply Chain

Randy Daugharthy, Bureau Veritas
Cyber Physical Systems Security, a Systems Engineering Perspective

Dan DiMase, Honeywell Aerospace
Session 4 - Panel on Detection Techniques
Presentations: Erik Jordan, Bill Cardoso, Sultan Ali Lilani, Walter Keller, Scott Moser

Moderator: Bhanu Sood
Wednesday, June 25
Session 5 - The Standards, Legal and Regulatory Framework
Investigating and Prosecuting Cases Involving Counterfeit Electronic Parts: Working with Law Enforcement

Matthew Lamberti, US Department of Justice
Convergence of Counterfeit and Cyber Threats: Understanding New Rules on Supply Chain Risk

Jeffery Chiow, Rogers Joseph O'Donnell, PC
Analysis of GIDEP Data for Counterfeit Part Detection Trends

Fred Schipp, Navy/MDA
Session 6 - Panel Discussion on Authentication Techniques
Presentations: Janice Meraglia, Sharon Flank, Richard McDermott

Moderator: Diganta Das

Session 7 - Link through Obsolescence
Design Refresh as a Solution

Peter Sandborn, UMD
Counterfeiting Supply Chain Security Cyber Threat

Janice Meraglia, Applied DNA Sciences
Session 8 - Using Part Characteristics for Detection
Material Database for Counterfeit Detection Support

Diganta Das, Bhanu Sood
Advanced Physical Inspection Methods for Counterfeit Detection

Sina Shahbazmohamadi, AUniversity of Connecticut (CHASE)
Usage of Process Dependent Random Inaccuracies as Tracking Marks

Matthias Steiert, University of Freiburg
Closing Remarks - What Have We Learned

Diganta Das, UMD

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