Counterfeit Electronic Parts &
Electronic Supply Chain Symposium
June 26 – 28, 2012

Colony Ball Room, University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland

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Day 1 - June 26, 2012
Session 1
Opening : Counterfeit Electronic Parts and Electronic Supply Chain Symposium Diganta Das, CALCE, University of Maryland
A Look at the Statistics on Counterfeiting: What Do We Really Know? (This online version of presentation is abridged from the symposium presentation)

Kirsten M. Koepsel, AIA
Trademark Counterfeiting in China

Patricia E. Campbell, University of Maryland Law School
Session 2

JPL's Process for Avoiding Counterfeit Parts

Lori Risse, NASA JPL

Automated Counterfeit Electronic Component Warning System and Corporate Case Studies

Bill Crowley, QTEC


Supporting Long-Lasting Embedded Applications: Counterfeits are the Symptom – Obsolescence is the Illness


Ethan Plotkin, GDCA


Avoiding Counterfeits When Addressing Component Obsolescence

Chrys Shea, DA-TECH

Session 3
US DoJ Led Panel Presentations (The online version of presentations is abridged from the symposium presentations)

Sherri L. Schornstein (Assistant U.S. Attorney) with Andrew Olney (Analog Devices), Fred Schipp (MDA), Therese Randazzo (CPB-DHS) and William G. Ross(ICE-DHS)
Session 4
New Design Methodologies for Counterfeit Detection and Prevention (Presentation not available as per author's request) Mohammad Tehranipoor, University of Connecticut
Unique Method of Preventing Counterfeiting in Oscillators and More

Keith Rouse and James Magos, Cardinal Components Inc.
DNA Marking to Assure Product Authenticity Janice Meraglia/ Alex Tran, Applied DNA
Spectroscopically-Detectable Chemical Coding of Polymers

Sharon Flank, InfraTrac
Functional and Silicon Biometrics Test to Verify Component Authenticity James Lewis, Lewis Innovative Technologies, Inc.
Day 2 - June 27, 2012
Session 5
FY2012 NDAA Section 818: Detection and Avoidance of Counterfeit Electronic Parts - Implications for Contractors
Henry Livingston, BAE Systems
AS6081 – "Counterfeit Electronic Parts Avoidance – Distributors" - Requirements and Implementation Anne Poncheri, Silicon Cert Laboratories
International IECQ Conformity Assessment System, IECQ 03-7 Stanley Salot Jr, ECC Corp
Anti-Counterfeiting Cloud System for Multiple Industries Soshi Hamaguchi, CosmosCorp.
Session 6

Panel Discussion: The Impact of the Standards and Regulations on the Independent Distributor and Broker Market

US CUSTOMS PROCEDURES: Counterfeit Imports

Combating Counterfeit Components

Corporate Quality and Services Presentation

Keith M. Gregory and Richard Katz, (Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.), with Marty Lanning (Xtreme Semiconductor) and Gilles Aouizerat (PCX Inc.).
Session 7

The iNEMI Project on Counterfeit Components – Assessment Methodology and Metric Development

Robert Pfahl, iNemi (with Plexus, IBM, Agilent, Celestica, and IST Group)

An Assessment of Counterfeit Detection and Confirmation Technologies

Brian Cohen, DoD and Don Davidson, IDA
Session 8
New Developments in the Fight on Counterfeit Components
Dave Loney, PremierSemiconductor Services LLC
Radiation Effects on Electronic Components (This online version of presentation is abridged from the symposium presentation)
Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron
What Information Can be Found After Decapsulation (This online version of presentation is abridged from the symposium presentation)
Erik Jordan, Nisene Technology Group
Closure: : Are we at the End of the Counterfeit Electronics Concerns?
Diganta Das, CALCE, University of Maryland

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