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Getting Reddy for Coming Deluge of Complex Cloned Devices

June 29, 2016.

Thomas Sharpe (


Tom is Executive Vice President of SMT Corporation located in Connecticut. Founded in 1995, SMT maintains the one of the largest inventories of obsolete & DMS-type electronic components as well as the largest in-house testing services within the Independent Distribution sector. SMT's labs are credited with the initial identification and industry-sharing of several counterfeit processes over the past several years as well as developing the required mitigation inspections to reliably detect these new counterfeiting methods. In addition to his longtime membership with ERAI Tom served 9 years on the board of directors of the IDEA and 2 consecutive terms as IDEA Vice President. He is a member of the Aerospace Industry Association's (AIA) Counterfeit Parts IPT committee, and also a member of the SAE G-19 committee which is continuing to develop new inspection and process standards in the fight against counterfeit electronic components in global supply chains. In 2011 Tom was requested to provide subject-matter-expert testimony before the formal Senate Armed Services Committee hearings on counterfeit electronic components within DoD supply chains.

As part of this investigation the GAO chose SMT's lab facilities to provide all authentication and forensic analysis on behalf of the SASC investigation. Tom is very active on the Electronics Industry speaking tour and has become the leading voice from the independent sector in the fight against counterfeit components in the electronics industry. Tom's presentations serve to educate all sectors of the electronics industry about the growing dangers of counterfeits in today's market and best practices to reliably detect and mitigate these constantly evolving dangers.


Clones had been the concern with people in the electronics parts supply chain for a long time but generally as something that is to come in the future, not now. Badly made clones had been relatively easy to detect through materials comparison and as a result, there is some complacency. In this Keynote address, Tom Sharpe will show that we need to get more prepared for a clone onslaught. He will present information on the direction to which China is moving into very quickly as a state-sponsored manufacturer of much more complex clone devices within the next 4-6 years and that push will have impact globally and on the US.

About SMT

SMT Corporation is a global, broad-line Independent Stocking Distributor of board-level electronic components and related peripherals to the commercial and defense / aerospace industries. With more than a half-billion components in stock representing over 1200 major component manufacturers, it maintains one of the largest "ready to ship" electronic component inventories in the world. SMT's main focus is on the U.S. Defense & Aerospace Industry which demands the highest in component quality, traceability and inspection documentation for high reliability applications.