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Barricade: Authentication Testing of Integrated Circuits through Power Consumption Waveform Analysis

June 27, 2017.

Tom Bergman (


Tom Bergman is a Program Manager in the Cyber Innovations Unit at Battelle, and is responsible for managing the development of Battelle BarricadeTM, an electronic component authentication technology. Tom graduated from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering and also has an A.S. degree in Lasers and Electro-Optics from Vincennes University. Tom has also held positions with NeoPhotonics, JDS Uniphase, Spectra Diode Labs, the US Naval Research Laboratory, and Hughes Aircraft. Tom has more than twenty-five years of experience in the design and development of electronic and electro-optic systems.


Battelle has developed a technology to nondestructively classify electronic components as authentic or counterfeit. Counterfeit, cloned, and malicious devices have traditionally been detected via imaging based inspection or destructive analysis techniques. As the quality of counterfeit packaging has continued to increase, this detection method is becoming inadequate. Currently, effective detection methods require exhaustive testing of component functionality, destructive analysis of test devices, or use of specialized imaging techniques. The Barricade technology does not require integrated circuit design modifications, physical alterations to existing inventory, or any changes to electronic component manufacturing processes to perform the classification process. The Barricade system contains a flexible, reconfigurable interface with the device under test. While a socket adapter substitution is necessary when testing devices with different footprints, all other configuration is done via a software interface to the configuration hardware within the Barricade system. This supports remote reconfiguration of the test device to support rapid throughput. The Barricade technology uses a method that differentiates classes of devices from data acquired from their power consumption waveforms. The Barricade system is based on the concept of side channel power analysis, a technique which has been developed and involves collecting unintentional or side channel emissions from a device. The collected data files are loaded into the Barricade classifier algorithm that performs the electronic component classification. Battelle will be presenting details on the continued development of the system including presenting new data collected on a large data set of authentic digital components, and updated information on detection of counterfeit, cloned, aged, and modified components.

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