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A Covert Solution to Protect Components, Assemblies and Products.

June 28, 2016.

Mark Manning (


Mark is an experienced entrepreneur with an operations focus and a proven track record of execution within many different disciplines including IT, Design, Product Development, Software Architecture and Manufacturing. His specialties include execution to plan, creative problem solving and technical solutions, business planning and strategy, lean startup mentality with lean manufacturing expertise, product and project management, building diverse teams that deliver results. He has a proven track record of building companies from the idea stage to full product and financial growth. He has also started or was part of the founding team on multiple companies with income ranging from $20,000 to $5.6 Million per year. He has many years of experience leading technical teams from the initial idea stage, through requirements gathering, MRD, PRD, design, development, test and deployment of complex global hardware and software projects. These projects required navigating multiple time zones, languages and cultural barriers, resulting in successful product launches of early stage technologies.


TRACE Technologies has been successfully protecting the watch industry from grey market, diversion and counterfeit activities for a number of years. The case study will detail how we helped cut off the grey market trading of the brands products, allowed them to police their OEM manufacturers and enabled them to easily identify warranty return fraud and counterfeit products. During the case study we will identify how the iTRACE solution can be applied to many other industries products including large parts and small components, protecting the products themselves not just the packaging. By protecting the actual product brand owners are able to recover revenue lost to the grey market, easily identify counterfeit components and protect themselves from the liabilities associated with the failure of counterfeits. The lessons learned from protecting the product in distribution and policing the OEM partners can also be applied to the supply chain for manufacturers, allowing them to validate parts that will be included in the manufacture of a final product, ensuring only valid and in specification parts are delivered from suppliers.

About iTRACE Technologies

iTRACE Technologies has been created to help fight the $1.7 trillion global counterfeit, grey market and diverted goods problem. They have a proven technology to help manufacturers cut off the grey market trading of their products and protect them from the liability of counterfeits. Their Specialities include Grey Market Prevention, Brand Protection, Anti-Counterfeit, Track and Trace.