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Counterfeit Electronic Parts-Observations and Insights from a US Defense Industry Perspective

June 28, 2016.

Henry Livingston


Henry Livingston is an Engineering Fellow and Technical Director at BAE Systems Electronic Systems and a pioneer in establishing detection and avoidance practices to prevent the infiltration of counterfeit electronic parts into defense and space applications. He also participated in many government and industry conferences, seminars and training events as a leader in counterfeit part avoidance practices.

Henry published numerous papers and articles on component reliability assessment methods; obsolescence management; semiconductor industry trends; and counterfeit electronic parts avoidance and detection.

Henry is a founding member of the SAE G-19 Counterfeit Electronic Parts Committee; member of the SAE Counterfeit Avoidance Advisory Group; the AIA Counterfeit Parts Policy Working Group; the Government/Industry Anti-Counterfeit Advisory Group; and the Industry Advisory Group to the Government-IndustryDataExchangeProgram.

Henry is a member of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants, and Sons of the American Revolution.


Henry Livingston had been an early and frequent voice in the area of risks posed by counterfeit electronics to the industry in general and the defense sector in particular. He will relate his observations and insights from personal experience in counterfeit electronic part avoidance related activity over the past decade pointing out where we went right and where we may have gone wrong. Henry will also present his thoughts on how SAE Aerospace Standard AS5553 can serve as criteria for assessing a 'Contractor Counterfeit Electronic Part Detection and Avoidance Systems' in compliance with recent department of defense regulations in view of changes both in the government regulations and in the standard.

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