2nd International Symposium on Tin Whiskers

April 24-25, 2008
Soukairou-Hall, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, 7-22-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8677.

Dr. Katsuaki Suganuma, ISIR Osaka University, Japan, suganuma@sanken.osaka-u.ac.jp
Dr. Norio Nemoto, JAXA, nemoto.norio@jaxa.jp
Dr. Michael Pecht, CALCE, University of Maryland, pecht@calce.umd.edu
Dr. Michael Osterman, CALCE, University of Maryland, (osterman@calce.umd.edu)

The 2nd International Symposium was a great success attracting over 250 individuals involved in electronic equipment manufacture, electronic device manufacturers, chemical suppliers, board suppliers, automotive, aerospace, communications, as well as university and research labs. The symposium covered whisker mitigation methods, whisker growth mechanisms, test and evaluation methods, plating evaluations.


Tin Whisker Growth Measurements and Observations Michael Osterman, CALCE

Evaluation of Pressure-induced Tin Whisker Formation Tadahiro Shibutani, Yokohama National University

Developing an Empirical Model for Estimating the Probability of Electrical Short Circuits from Tin Whiskers Karim Courey, NASA

Metal Whiskers: Failure Modes and Mitigation Stratigies Jay Brusse, NASA

Safety/Reliability Risk Management Process to Mitigate the Effects of Tin Whiskers Dave Humphrey, Honeywell

Implementing A Lead-free Control Plan Dave Humphrey, Honeywell

Whisker/Hillock Formation on As-electrodeposited and Indentation Stressed Sn Film Kil-Won Moon, NIST

Current Investigation Focuses of iNEMI's Sn Whisker Committee Peng Su, iNEMI

Evaluation of Matte Sn as Surface Finish for Semiconductor Components Pascal Oberndorff, NXP Semiconductors

Whisker and Nodule Formation on Lead-Free Tin Plating By External Stress Yukiko Mizuguchi et. al., Sony Corporation

A Study on the Mechanism of Tin Whisker Growth Koji MURAKAMI, Ishihara Chemical Co., Ltd.  

Mechanism of growth suppression and of whiskers from electroplated tin and tin-lead film on copper Koji MURAKAMI,Makoto HINO Industrial Technology Research Institute of Okayama Prefectural Government Masao TAKAMIZAWA : OM Sangyo, Co., Ltd. Kiyomichi NAKAI : Ehime University  

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