International Symposium on Tin Whiskers (2007)

April 24-25, 2007

The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center University of Maryland College Park, MD 20742

The presentations linked under this web page have been provided to CALCE and posted without objection from the presenters. The material is copyrighted to the presenter and their respective organizations. You are encouraged to contact the presenter with regards to questions related to the material found here in.


Welcome / Introduction Michael Osterman, CALCE

Metal Whiskering: Tin, Zinc, and Cadmium Henning Leidecker, NASA Goddard

NIST Sn Whisker Research William Boettinger , NIST

Interaction of Stress and Intermetallic Growth in Sn Whisker FormationA Eric Chason, Brown University

Tracer Diffusion In Whisker-Prone Tin Platings Tom Woodrow, Boeing

Tin Whisker Stress Measurement and Analysis George Galyon, IBM

Tin Whisker Formation on Fine Pitch Connectors and Its Mitigation Katsuaki Suganama, Osaka University

Intermetallic Growth Kinetics In Copper-Tin Bi-layer Thin Films Lucine Reinbold, Raytheon

Stress Relaxation in Sn, Sn-Cu, and Sn-Pb Films Carol Handwerker, Purdue University

The Effect of Grain Boundary Impurities on Whiskering Propensity of Tin David Pinsky, Raytheon

Tin Whisker Growth from Electrodeposited Tin-Manganese Alloys Geoff Wilcox, Loughborough University

Evaluation of Resistance to Tin Whisker Formation induced by Contact Force Tadahiro Shibutani, Yokohama National University

Matte Sn Electroplating As Alternative For SnPb As Semiconductor Surface Finish Pascal Oberndorff, NXP Semiconductors

Tin Whisker Risk and Growth Assessment Sony Mathew, CALCE

Tin Whisker Mitigation Methods Joseph Aragon, Sandia National Laboratories

Space Shuttle Program Tin Whisker Mitigation Keith Nishimi, United Space Alliance, LLC

Tin Whiskers: How to Mitigate Their Growth by an Accurate Choice of the finish, the Under-Layer and/or by Conformal Coating? Jean-Pascal Michelet, Schneider Electric

Understanding Tin Plasmas: A New Approach to Tin Whisker Plasma Risk Assessment Genghmun Eng, The Aerospace Corporation

Evaluation of Conformal Coatings As A Tin Whisker Mitigation Strategy, Part II Tom Woodrow, Boeing

The Use of Tin/Bismuth Tin Plating For Tin Whisker Mitigation on Fabricated Mechanical Parts David Hillman, Rockwell-Collins

Effects of Lead on Tin Whisker Elimination Wan Zhang, Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials

Poss-thiol Based Mitigation of Sn-Whiskers Raymond Thompson, Vista Engineering

Tin Whisker Interactions: Monte Carlo Analysis Anduin Touw, Boeing

Tin Whisker Growth Investigations Component & Module Level Kerstin Nocke, Qimonda

Evaluation of the Influence of Substrate Material on Tin Whisker Growth Frank Dunlevey, Brush-Wellman Alloy Products

Effectiveness of EPM Conformal Coatings as a Mitigation against Tin Whiskers Jeff Doornink, Emerson Process Management

Evaluation of Faradayic Plating Method for Controlling Tin Whisker Growth Holly Garich, Faraday Technology