Placement and Routing of Electronic Modules
Created: 5/21/95 Updated: 2/5/98
Placement and Routing of Electronic Modules
edited by M. Pecht
Marcel Dekker Inc.,New York, NY, 1993

This book presents the fundamentals and applications of technologies for placement, routing, via minimization, tree searching, and layer estimation. In addition, Steiner's problem with rectilinear distance is discussed, and a solution which will fundamentally revise the design philosophy of routing is presented. This book also provides a placement objective that approximates the total minimum-Steiner- tree length. This objective can be used to develop new structures that efficiently and closely function as minimum Steiner trees. Finally, the book examines placement techniques that address reliability, vibration, and thermal-mechanical stresses, as well as methods for multiple attribute placement.

ISBN: 0-8247-8916-4
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