Created: 1/17/96 Updated: 2/5/98

Advanced Routing of Electronic Modules

Edited by Michael Pecht
CRC PRESS, Boca Raton, FL 33431, 1995

The rapid growth of the electronic products market has created an increasing need for a affordable, reliable, high-speed and high-density multi-layer printed circuit board (PCBs). This book presents the technologies, algorithms,and methodologies for engineers and other developing the next generation of electronic products.

A vision of the future in advanced electronics

Advanced Routing of Electronic Modules provides both fundamental theory and advanced technologies for improving routing. Beginning chapters discuss approaches to approximate a minimum rectilinear Steiner tree from a minimum spanning tree and introduce ways to avoid obstacles for routing simple multi-terminal nets sequentially in a workspace. Timing delay, clock skew, and noise control requirements in signal integrity are described as well as computer-aided approaches to managing these requirements in high-speed PCB/MCM routing. Later chapters present the two-layer wiring problem, rip-up and reroute approaches, and parallel routing, including global routing, boundary crossing placement, and detailed maze routing in hardware acceleration. Data structure,data management, and algorithms for parallel routing in a multiple-processor hardware systems are also covered.


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