Created: 06/20/12

RARE EARTH MATERIALS : Insights and Concerns
Michael G. Pecht, Robert E. Kaczmarek, Xin Song, Dylan A. Hazelwood, Robert A. Kavetsky, Davinder K. Anand

CALCE Self-Published book.

Rare earth elements are used in trillions of dollars’ worth of modern devices and systems in the civilian and defense sectors, and are considered a key component in our high technology future.  The US currently obtains rare earth elements entirely from foreign sources; however, as the demand for rare earth elements grows, a disruption in the supply of rare earths could have both economic and national security implications.
The book discusses the seventeen rare earth elements, covering their descriptions, sources, and uses, with a focus on the US and China.  The limited US resources are discussed, along with the current US policies, issues, and state of research.  The book then goes on to describe Chinese dominance in the global rare earth market, examining its strategies to maintain control of its resources.  The book concludes with a look toward the future of the rare earth element industry, including future demand, stockpiles, substitutes, and recycling options. For more information, please contact Prof. Michael Pecht ( at CALCE, University of Maryland.

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