Created: 10/15/03

Plastics Materials and Process

Charles Harper, Edward Petrie

The board range of professionals involved in plastics and related industries requires a comprehensive, accessible resource on these ubiquitous materials that forgoes cumbersome, technical jargon. Plastics Materials and Processes: A Concise Encyclopedia defines material, processes, properties, test methods, and other useful information in a straightforward and efficient manner.

Charles Harper and Edward Petrie selected the contents of their encyclopedia with an eye toward giving readers an efficient , intelligent overall insight into plastics without requiring them to wade through additional texts or handbooks in specific areas. Organized alphabetically, the Encyclopedia includes information on:

The authors begin with a brief introduction to polymers and plastics that brings the disparate information of the Encyclopedia together. Several appendices of valuable property data are also included, comparing plastics and other commonly used materials with one another and offering guidance on processing methods and final applications.

Intended for general managers, executives, purchasing and manufacturing personnel, supervisors, engineers and students, this comprehensive guide will be useful to anyone involved in product design, development, application, manufacturing, marketing, or other periphery functions in the plastics industry. Plastics Materials and Process provides a concise reference to an extraordinary volume of pertinent material.

ISBN: 0-471-45603-9
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.,
Hoboken, New Jersey

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