Plastic Encapsulated Microelectronics
Created: 8/15/95 Updated: 2/5/98
Plastic Encapsulated Microelectronics
edited by M. Pecht, Luu T. Nguyen, Edward B. Hakim
John Wiley & Sons,New York, NY, 1994

"...comprehensive and critical review of the state-of-the-art..." EP&P Book Reviews
Since the 1980s, plastic-encapsulated microcircuits (PEMs) have advanced significantly in gaining lowest cost, highest availability of functions, high reliability, and wide applications. Enhanced encapsulant materials, robust design, and improved process control have made PEMs highly reliable for a large variety of applications. This book addresses issues relevant to PEM devices and assemblies that incorporate PEMs. The materials, manufacturing processes, screens, tests, failure mechanisms, reliability, and applications of PEMs are presented.
The chapters are organized in a sequence that presents the science and technology behind PEMs. The book provides a historical perspective on PEMs, discusses the advantages of using plastic packages, and the state of the current technology. The primary package styles, the materials employed in plastic packages, including their composition and characteristics, and significant recent developments in plastic packaging materials technology are also promoted. The book then discusses PEM fabrication technology and process steps used in modern plastic packages and presents issues related to the quality and reliability of this technology. Aspects of shipping containers and handling that are of special significance for PEMs in storage, transportation, and the preassembly stage are focussed upon and information pertaining to moisture and electrostatic discharge protection in containers is also included. The book includes a perspective on future trends in plastic encapsulation, especially on chip technology, packaging, design, materials selection, manufacturing processes, device integration and application-specific reliability.
The book is a must for those involved in the manufacture, application, and procurement of PEMs or the development of guidelines and standards for PEMs in these areas.

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