Integrated Circuit, Hybrid, and Multichip Module Package Design Guidelines
Created: 5/21/95 Updated: 2/5/98
Integrated Circuit, Hybrid, and Multichip Module Package Design Guidelines
edited by M. Pecht
John Wiley & Sons, New York, NY, 1993

In a relatively short period of time, the electronics industry has become the largest and most pervasive manufacturing industry in the developed world. Electronic products have the hallmark of innovation, creativity, and cost competitiveness in the world market place. Electronic packaging, in particular, has progressed rapidly in response to the customers' demands for the diverse functions, cost, performances, and robustness of different products. For the practicing engineers, there is an urgent need to access the current state of knowledge in design and manufacturing of microelectronic packages.
Professor Pecht (and internationally recognized experts from industry and academia) have made an important contribution to the literature of this field in bringing together the knowledge base crucial for the design of reliable microelectronic packages. Particularly valuable is the systematic linkage between system requirements, materials, and the physics of failures to the design guidelines for the different elements of the package. In the development of a microelectronic product, the designers, manufacturing engineers, materials engineers, test and reliability engineers, working on different aspects of the product packages, need to have a common understanding and metric for engineering tradeoff.
This book, as a knowledge base for this purpose, will be valuable for the practicing engineers, as well as students learning the field. Particularly for reliability engineers, this book will serve as a rich source for physics of failure mechanism, and materials and mechanics knowledge behind those mechanisms. (from Dr. William T. Chen, IBM Corp.)

January 1994, 426 pages, ISBN: 0-471-59446-6
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