Created: 2/25/00

High Performance Printed Circuit Boards

Once outpaced by both semiconductors and system demands, printed circuit boards are now playing catch up. On every scorecard-materials, functions, design, speed, reliability, manufacturability, and versatility-boards have racked up big gains.

Whether you're in design, development, application, or manufacturing, this unique source has the cutting-edge printed circuit information you want, all in one convenient source for easy comparison and research. High Performance Printed Circuit Board gives you data, details, guidelines, and current developments in the hottest areas, including:

If you work with fine feature circuitry, you'll find that this book makes it easier for you to optimize your own results with higher-than-industry standard materials and techniques, best yields and efficiency, and greatest cost effectiveness. The first professional guide ot high performance printed circuits, Charles A. Harper's book is an invaluable reference.


ISBN: 0-07-026713-8
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