Handbook of Electronic Package Design
Created: 5/21/95 Updated: 2/5/98
Handbook of Electronic Package Design
edited by M. Pecht
Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, NY, 1991

This comprehensive reference text explains the electronics design process indepth and examines techniques for microelectronic packaging as well as fundamental topics in the development of complete electronic systems. The book presents techniques for design and fabrication of microelectronic packages and explores the standard materials, manufacturing processes, interconnection methods, and applications for each level of electronic assembly. Concepts used to predict and measure the stresses of electronic systems in service are analyzed, and tools for designing against thermal, thermomechanical, vibration, shock and corrosion damage are identified. Techniques for reliability assessment are described and board layout techniques are also covered. The book is being used as the text for a graduate course in mechanical engineering at the University of Maryland titled "Packaging of Advanced Electronic Systems."

ISBN: 0-8247-7921-5
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