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Conceptual Design of Multichip Modules and Systems
(The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer Science, No 250)
by P. A. Sandborn, and H. Moreno
Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, MA, 1994

Conceptual Design of Multichip Modules and Systems treats activities that take place during the system planning (virtual prototyping) phase of complex electronic system design.  These activities include the formalization of design knowledge (information modeling), tradeoff analysis, partitioning, and decision process capture.

Inherent in the design of electronic modules are tradeoffs that must be understood in order to make feasible technology, material, process, and partitioning choices.  The lack of a complete set of technology information is an especially serious problem in the electronic packaging field since the number of applicable technologies, processes, and materials is substantial and selecting optimums is arduous and non-trivial if one truly wants to obtain a balance in cost, size, and performance.  Numerous tradeoffs and design decisions have to be made intelligently and quickly at the beginning of the design cycle before physical design work begins.  These critical decisions, made within the first 10% of the total design cycle, ultimately define up to 80% of the final product performance and cost.

This book lays the groundwork for concurrent estimation of size, routing, electrical performance, thermal performance, cost, reliability, manufacturability, and testing.  It will be useful both as a reference for system designers and as a text for those wishing to gain a perspective on the nature of electronic packaging design, concurrent engineering, computer-aided design, and system synthesis.

1. Introduction
2. Information Modeling and Representation
3. Tradeoff Analysis
4. Design Partitioning
5. Tradeoff Analyses for Multichip Systems
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