China’s Electronics Industry

The Authoritative Guide for Companies & Policy Makers with Interests in China

Michael Pecht & Leonard Zuga

The 2009 edition of China’s Electronics Industry analyses the current status and development of China’s key high tech industry in the context of the unique political, economic and science and technology forces in China today. The authors thoroughly examine China’s electronics information industries and China’s national policies in each market sector from components and consumer exports to software and the advanced systems used in aerospace and medical applications. A study of trade, labor, education, S&T and R&D, technology investment and IP policies defining the shift from an export based economy to a domestic demand industry sets the stage for coverage of each industrial segment. Industry segments analyze industrial trends, revenues and the top ten producers in each segment. On track to achieve its “innovation-oriented” society goal by 2020, China’s electronics industry is central to that goal.

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China is doing everything possible to stimulate its electronics and information industries in this period of global economic turmoil and to prepare for additional gains in the global market when the electronics industry returns to growth. The basis for the China Price did not diminish along with consumer demand in 2008 and 2009, and when consumers start buying electronics again, they will still see the China Price and use it as their baseline in a world of diminished disposable income.

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