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China's Electronics Industry - 2004 Edition
Edited by M. G. Pecht (CALCE, University of Maryland), Y. C. Chan ( City University of Hong Kong)

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CALCE Press, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 2004

Electronics has been a Chinese pillar of success and is now the largest industry in China with growth of nearly 20% annually. China is now the worlds number one producer of TVs, recorders, VCD players, telephones, calculators, refrigerators, and air conditioners. China also has the number one cellular phone market, is number two in IC consumption, and is the third largest PC producer. Entry into the WTO is leading to economic liberalization, simplification of the licensing and foreign investment policies, and targeted government funding in electronics R&D. Massive incentives are being provided for electronic development projects and customs duties have been reduced on all electronics equipment. As a result, the total value of industrial output reached over US$140 billion and total electronics export value was over $80 billion in 2002.

This book documents the technologies, manufacturing, capabilities, and infrastructure that have made China a major player in the electronic industry. This book covers semiconductors, electronic packages, printed circuit boards, computer hardware and software, telecommunications, and various electronic systems. Other topics include the role of research government, associations, research organizations, educational institutions, science and technology information networks, and major companies in establishing an infrastructure where the electronic industry can flourish.

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