Cost Analysis of Electronic Systems, 2nd Edition

    World Scientific Series in Advanced Integration and Packaging Vol. 1

    This book provides an introduction to cost modeling for electronic systems that is suitable for professionals involved with electronic systems development, management and sustainment, and advanced undergraduate and graduate students in electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering.

    This book melds elements of traditional engineering economics with manufacturing process and life-cycle cost management concepts to form a practical foundation for predicting the cost of electronic products and systems. Various manufacturing cost analysis methods are addressed including: process-flow, parametric, cost of ownership, and activity based costing. The effects of learning curves, data uncertainty, test and rework processes, and defects are considered. Aspects of system sustainment and life-cycle cost modeling including: reliability (warranty, burn-in), maintenance (sparing and availability), and obsolescence are treated. Finally, the total cost of ownership of systems, return on investment, cost-benefit analysis, and real options analysis are addressed.

    The book includes a large number of quantitative examples solved in the text, over 230 problems (detailed solutions to over 90% of the problems are available to practitioners, researchers and instructors using the book in classes), and over 300 references.

    Hard Cover and Electronic: 571 pages
    Language: English
    Publication Date: 2017
    ISBN: 978-981-3148-25-3 (hardcover), 978-981-3148-27-7 (ebook)
This book covers:
  • Introduction
  • Manufacturing Cost Modeling
    • Chapter 2 Process-Flow Analysis
      Chapter 3 Yield
      Chapter 4 Equipment/Facilities Cost of Ownership (COO)
      Chapter 5 Activity-Based Costing (ABC)
      Chapter 6 Parametric Cost Modeling
      Chapter 7 Test Economics
      Chapter 8 Diagnosis and Rework
      Chapter 9 Uncertainty Modeling - Monte Carlo Analysis
      Chapter 10 Learning Curves
  • Life-Cycle Cost Modeling
    • Chapter 11 Reliability
      Chapter 12 Sparing
      Chapter 13 Warranty Cost Analysis
      Chapter 14 Burn-In Cost Modeling
      Chapter 15 Availability
      Chapter 16 The Cost Ramifications of Obsolescence
      Chapter 17 Return on Investment (ROI)
      Chapter 18 The Cost of Service
      Chapter 19 Software Development and Support Costs
      Chapter 20 Total Cost of Ownership Examples
      Chapter 21 Cost, Benefit and Risk Tradeoffs
      Chapter 22 Real Options Analysis

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