CALCE EPS Consortium Research for 2022

The following projects are being studied during 2022 by the CALCE Electronics Products and Systems Consortium. For general inquiries, please contact Michael Osterman

C22-02 Effect of Driving Conditions on Accumulated Solder Joint Damage
C22-03 Fatigue under Multiaxial Cyclic Creep in Oligocrystalline SAC Solder Joints
C22-07 Reliability of Third Generation Solder Interconnects
C22-08 Durability of Low-Temperature Solder Interconnects
C22-12 Development of an IGBT Testing and Screening Procedure
C22-14 Component Life Assessment Methodology Development
C22-15 Paint Durability for Electronic Products
C22-19 Derating and Rapid Assessment of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCCs for Use with Ripple Current
C22-22 Evaluation and Selection of Lubricants for Mechanical Interfaces
C22-25 Long Term Storage Reliability of Hybrid and Polymer Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors