CALCE EPS Consortium Research for 2019

The following proposals are slated to be presented to the CALCE EPS Consortium Members on October 24, 2018 for study during 2019 by the Director of the CALCE Electronics Products and Systems Consortium. You can still provide feedback. For general inquiries, please contact Michael Osterman.

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C19-01 Vibration and Temperature Cycling Durability of SAC Solders: Effect of Sequential vs Simultaneous Loading
C19-06 Microvia Reliability Assessment for High Density Interconnect Circuit Boards
C19-12 Measurement of Cure-dependent Properties of Dual UV and Thermal Curable Adhesive
C19-14 Determination of Master Curves of Young's Modulus and Bulk Modulus of EMC over the Solder Reflow Temperature Range
C19-15 Reliability of Fabrics Bonded with HAFs for Electronic Packing
C19-19 Impact of Ripple Current on Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
C19-22 Evaluation and Selection of Lubricants for Sliding Electrical Contacts
C19-26 Storage Reliability of Electronics: Refurbishment
C19-27 Solder Interconnect Life Modeling of Irregular and Sequential Loading Cycles