SMTA International, 2023, Minneapolis, MN

The USPAE Solder Performance and Reliability Assurance Project: Test Plan

Michael Osterman
Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering (CALCE), University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 20742, USA

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At the last SMTA International, the U.S. Partnership for Assured Electronics (USPAE) Solder Performance and Reliability Assurance (SPRA) Project was introduced. This project is a DoD funded program with two key deliverables: (1) Deliver a solder-agnostic performance specification that shall ensure selection of solders appropriate for different defense application categories; (2) Develop and deliver a DoD solder users handbook sufficient for coordination and implementation, providing clear criteria for solder alloy selection options as well as verification and validation requirements needed within acquisition documentation. The SPRA project was reviewed at latest year's SMTA International. Under the SPRA project, data sets to establish life and acceleration models for solder interconnects formed with select solder alloys will be created. The development of these test sets will include pilot tests, characterization tests, and verification tests. Tests will include temperature cycling, shock, vibration, and combined loading. Pilot tests will be conducted to finalize design aspects of the test vehicles including solder mask openings, board thickness, and single/double-sided component placement. Characterization tests will include isothermal aging and be conducted to generate the data sets that will be used to establish life and acceleration models. Verification tests will be conducted to provide data sets to verify life and acceleration models. This paper will review the USPAE SPRA project and provide details of the SPRA test plan.

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