e-Prime - Advances in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Energy, 2023, 100353, ISSN 2772-6711, DOI: 10.1016/j.prime.2023.100353

Assessment of the FIDES Guide 2022 Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical Reliability Prediction Methodology

Aishwarya Gaonkar1, Rajkumar B. Patil1, Diganta Das2, Michael H. Azarian1, Bhanu Sood3, and Michael Pecht1
1CALCE, University of Maryland
2Pimpri Chinchwad College Of Engineering, India
3Goddard Space Flight Center - NASA

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The FIDES Guide is a reliability prediction handbook published by a group of European defense and aerospace manufacturers under the supervision of the French Ministry of Defense. This paper evaluates the suitability of FIDES for predicting reliability. The evaluation is based on the fitness of the model used in FIDES for calculating the failure rate and the accuracy of its reliability predictions. The assessment makes use of the questionnaire in the IEEE Standard 1413, “IEEE Standard Framework for Reliability Prediction of Hardware.” The foundation of FIDES on the erroneous assumption of a constant failure rate for electronics, its omission of critical attributes (e.g., materials and geometry of components), and the subjectivity of certain inputs to the model make it inadequate for producing an accurate prediction.

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