ASME 2022 International Technical Conference and Exhibition on Packaging and Integration of Electronic and Photonic Microsystems. Garden Grove, California, USA. October 25-27, 2022. V001T10A001. ASME. DOI: 10.1115/IPACK2022-92306

Electro-Chemical Migration in Aerosol-Jet Printed Electronics Using Temperature-Humidity and Water Droplet Testing Methods

Beihan Zhao 1, Aniket Ajitkumar Bharamgonda1, Eric Jennings1, Robert G. Utter1 , Michael Osterman 1, Michael H. Azarian1, Siddhartha Das1, Abhijit Dasgupta 1
Jason Fleischer 2, Edwin Quinn 2, and Daniel Hines 2

1 Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD-20742, USA
2 Laboratory for Physical Sciences, College Park, MD-20742, USA

For more information about this article and related research, please contact Prof. Abhijit Dasgupta


In this study, temperature-humidity-bias (THB) testing and water droplet (WD) testing have been conducted to study electrochemical migration (ECM) and dendrite formation across features in aerosol jet printed (AJP) conductor patterns. Test specimen design and testing conditions were guided by industrial standards and related research studies. Time-to-failure (TTF) for AJP printed silver patterns is found to be much smaller than that for conventional copper patterns in THB testing, under identical testing conditions. Furthermore, TTF for dendrite growth between neighboring biased conductors at constant temperature and humidity conditions was found to have a non-monotonic dependence on the electric potential gradient. The dendrite density was found to vary significantly with different applied voltage gradients in both THB testing and WD testing. Those observations can help to guide future investigation and lifeprediction modeling of AJP printed electronics subjected to combined temperature, humidity, and voltage stresses.

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