Applied Sciences Vol. 11, no. 22: 11071, 2021, DOI: 10.3390/app112211071

Thermal Performance of Cryogenic Micro-Pin Fin Coolers with Two-Phase Liquid Nitrogen Flows

Changsu Kim, Sukrut Prashant Phansalkar, Hyun-Seop Lee and Bongtae Han
Mechanical Engineering Department,University of Maryland and College Park,Maryland, USA

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This study experimentally explores the thermofluidic performance of a cryogenic micro-pin fin cooler with two-phase liquid nitrogen flows. The liquid nitrogen cooling system is introduced to investigate the performance of the micro-pin cooler in a cryogenic condition. The result reveals that the nominal value of the base heat transfer coefficients of the micro-pin fin cooler with liquid nitrogen flows, 240 kW/m2-K at a mass flow rate of 2.23 g/s, is an order of magnitude greater than that with FC-72 flows. The result also demonstrates that the base heat transfer coefficient of the micro-pin fin cooler is nearly three times greater than that of the micro-gap cooler, not containing any fins. This study shows the feasibility of the cryogenic micro-pin fin cooler for thermally controlling very high heat density devices such as high-power laser diode bars, of which the heat density can reach 2000 kW/m2.

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