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A Comparison of Registration Errors Among Suppliers of Printed Circuit Boards

Bhanu Sood1and Lionel-Nobel W Sindjui1
1NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Misregistration of holes is the maximum amount of variation between the centerlines of all terminal pads within one plated through hole in a printed circuit board. The impacts of misregistration can be very serious due to possible electrical opens caused by breakouts or a shirt or intermitten connection due to a violation of the minimum clearance. This study highlights the differences in registration in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) samples by the same supplier at two geographical locations. The intent is to determine a statistical correlation between the populations of registration error measurements taken on samples, from layer-to-layer or across layers, and reliability or performance risk. The study includes comparisons between PCB samples made in both locations. The focuse of the comparison includes studying whether both populations reflect the same statistical results, trying to understand where the difference in population occured and maybe answer the question - which population has the lower amounts of misregistration between layers. Misregistration occurs during board fabrication and is directly attributed to problems involved with the production of the artwork, with artwork materials, with the setup procedures during lamination, and/or with the dimensional instability of the laminate materials used.

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